Why an Influencer? 


The beauty of working with a social media influencer is the flexibility and diversity across categories. We are multi faceted and we are our own brand. Our following is built on our personalities and we have the ability to organically promote products and brands we are already familiar with and love! 


Why Me?

My brand is not centered around any one thing! If its anything creative I'm doing it. I make wigs, I DIY the latest fashion trends, I travel for a living as a Flight Attendant and give other brands the foundation to prosper by building their graphic presence both in print and online! On a daily basis I am combining all the things I love and love to do and bringing a unique and one of a kind viewpoint to my followers. They tune in because I'm living a lifestyle they can connect with.  No matter the type of business, brand or product, I am ecstatic to share how they fit into my daily life in a trustworthy and organic way. 


The Brand Partner

My creative approach and insightful thinking will engage, activate and connect you to your ideal audience. I believe in living a healthy lifestyle. With natural and organic products both for the body and hair, as well as working out, it all starts from within. I love protective styling my natural hair and rocking wigs. As I travel the world as a flight attendant I can bring unique product placement from a multitude of brands and create content that sets me apart!

The Encourager

My main goal as an influencer is to use the voice I have to encourage and inspire young women. There are so many pressures to look a certain way, to hang with a certain crowd, to think a certain way that it’s easy to lose who you truly are. I aim to inspire girls and young women everywhere to embrace their differences, embrace their skinny arms, the gap between their two front teeth, their imperfect curls… the list goes on. Every female should be empowered to be exactly who they decide to be… nothing more and nothing less!

The Wanderer

I love to travel! So much in fact that I became a flight attendant. I believe exploration spurs creativity and emerging myself in different cultures broadens my perspective. My travels influence my life and as an influencer my life and my lifestyle is my brand. Everything I do and love exists cohesively and as a result I am able to share my daily travels and how I live as a curly girl on the go with my followers!

The Fashionista

I love fashion and I believe it is the ultimate form of expression. I don’t believe in fitting into any one box and my style reflects that. From eclectic and bohemian, to minimal and urban I love to explore all trends often times adding my own little twist.

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