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DIY Designer Inspired Loafers x Gucci x Miu Miu

With all of the trendy designer loafers flooding the fashion scene it can be hard on your pockets! Check out my video for these diy loafers inspired by the hot Gucci loafer and Prada Miu Miu.

You can find all the supplies you need for your very own diy shoes from H&M, Forever 21 and your local craft store! For more diy shoe ideas check out the playlist below for all of my DIY projects.


Lace Option 1:!860!3!200226268295!!!!362029178567!&ef_id=WVLoYwAAAIC39izl:20170704181807:s

Faux Suede Option 2:

Leather option 3:

Iron on patches

Needle &nThread
Faux pearls
Glue (Super Glue, Hot Glue Gun, e6000, Elmers etc)

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Camera: Nikon D5100
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