Pleated & Slashed

•Top – Akira in Chicago •Leggings – Forever 21 (DIY) • Sandals – ??

Here’s a quick outfit post. It’s casual, easy and very comfortable but still fun and expressive! I liked the contrast of the big pleated collar with the slashed leggings, it’s feminine and tough in a unexpected way. The leggings were a quick DIY, I cut horizontal slits a couple inches apart all the way down the leggings. I then cut 1/2 inch strips from some extra black fabric I had and tied double knots around each slit, snipping extra fabric as I went along! && Viola done!

Let me know what you think!

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Metallic Shimmer

I have had this skirt and these shoes sitting in my closet forever! I love them both but I have never quite figured out how to style them in a way that was special. While I was doing some vintage/thrift shopping recently I came across this great button down shirt. It is perfect to pair with these two pieces! It has the metallic shimmer in it & the tone of the red and gold along with the ruffles really gave off the feel that was perfect for the skirt.

•Shirt – Zara Woman •Skirt – Forever 21 •Shoes – Aldo •Earrings – Forever 21 •Necklace – Boluxe Jewelry (Designed by my mother, Robyn McClendon!)

Bleached out + Floral = Effortless Saturday!

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.”

This outfit is just something random that I threw together. Thats the thing about getting dressed, sometimes it comes easy and sometimes I don’t know what to wear! This is one of those times wear I just pulled out the clothes the night before and it just worked…if only I were this lucky every time! I hope you guys are enjoying your saturday!

Do you ever have those days where your outfit just falls into place? Leave comments I would love to hear your feedback!

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•Top – custom •Lace Camisole – Random •Shorts – Thrifted •Shoes – zigi soho •Watch – Hermes

Have you tried color blocking?


So here is my very FIRST attempt at color blocking! In my recent vintage/thrift store trips I have been looking for any and everything color block related. The great thing about color blocking is that it can be done with any palette of colors. Everything from neutrals and black&white, to heavily saturated colors. I personally prefer to color block with the bright richly saturated colors, but not only that I was looking for pieces that were unique and funky too.

Even though I do love that turquoise, I’m loving the outfit minus the blazer!

Blazer, Pants and Top – Thrifted • Jewelry – Vintage •Shoes – ??

What do you think? Is this a trend you have tried or want to try?

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White Noise
I feel there is something so refreshing about all white! It’s crisp, it’s clean and it’s a blank slate for any type of styling. I initially wanted a COMPLETELY white look but somewhere along the way it morphed into this. I like the way the grey streaking in the jeans picks up the metal studs in the jacket and it breaks up the monotony nicely.

•Top – Forever 21 •Jacket – White House | Black Market •Jeans – Random New York Find •Shoes – Aldo •Earrings – Flea Market Find •Ring – Random

What do you guys think? How do you feel about all white?

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Sporty, Sexy, Cool

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**I’m trying something different since I can’t get pictures off my camera!

Todays look is laid back and sporty, sometimes you just want to be comfy but still cute! I played around with different black and white prints to add interest and then a pop of color to connect it all.

•Top – Forever 21 •Sports Bra – DIY creation ( Courtesy of Maegan’s lovely tutorial over at • Biker Shorts – Charlotte Russe •Sneakers – Creative Recreation •Earrings – Designed by Me •Bracelets – (Black Cuff – Boluxe Jewelry, Silver Bangles – childhood bracelets)

What do you guys think? Leave a comment, I would love your feed back!

D.I.Y – Inspired by Aldo sandals

So not too long ago I was in Aldo looking to buy a pair of nice nude colored pumps when I stumbled upon these SUPER cute LAMPE sandals from Aldo’s Global Bazaar collection:

Of course as a true shopaholic, I immediately started picturing outfits in my head and then I was convinced that I had to have them. At $60 the price wasn’t TOO bad but there are other things that $60 could go towards, so the thought popped into my head to do a DIY!

It’s really quite simple, I went and bought chain, feathers (brown and multicolored), lobster claw closures and clamshell hooks. It all and all came to $15. A wayyy better bargain!

I started by wrapping the chain around my ankle to get a general measurement, I wanted to chain to fit like an anklet bracelet. When i was satisfied with the length, I snipped it and opened the last link on the chain and attached my lobster claw closure.

I then began inserting the ends of the feathers into the clam shell hook, once enough of the feather was through I clamped the clam shell closed and voila I had my feather pendants.

Once all of my feathers were prepared I hooked them onto the chain and pinched the hook.

The end product is one that can be interchanged with ANY sandal and is much more versatile. It could also be worn as a bracelet or an earring by simply slipping a stud through the chain.

Bonjour, Hola, Ciao… Hello!

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog. It always a hard task to figure out WHERE TO BEGIN! 🙂 My blog is simply a reflection of my creative musings.  I’m at a point where I just want to expand my horizons, mentally and creatively. Right now I am working on learning three new languages, French, Spanish & Italian (hence the title of this post “Bonjour, Hola, Ciao…Hello!”) I’m also TRYING to teach myself to sew! There are so many new adventures that I am embarking on that I want to share with whom ever is interested, so here you will find DIY’s, fashion post, graphic designs and so much more. There are so many fashionably creative women out here in the blogosphere that inspired me to branch out on my own and try my hand at it. So here goes nothing! I hope you enjoy the posts to come.