Thrift Haul Lookbook


I love thrifting so I styled some winter looks around some of the recent items I picked up 🙂

I use to love doing styling videos. The creative aspect of editing and putting them together is always the most fun. So this is me dipping my toe back in the water and trying it out again.


DIY Quickie: Embellished Sunglasses



Lately I’ve been intrigued by embellished sunglasses.

I’ve been rocking short hair these days and it seems the less hair you have the more accessories you can wear!

Bold and loud accessories at that.

I happened to have a bunch of random sunglasses laying around. I bought most of them because they were a GREAT deal. Lol ima sucker for a deal. So when I was having the itch to DIY something I thought why not some sunnies?!! 🙂


Pliers or wire snippers
Baubles, trinkets and embellishments


You can use anything you want for your embellishments. Pins, earrings, rings, old vintage jewelry or even plastic rhinestones. Which are easy to find in large tubs at the craft store. 🙂


Use your wire snippers to remove anything that prohibits the embellishment from lying flat. These two pins from H&M came apart really easy.



Once you’ve determined your placement, (Make sure you aren’t blocking ur view out of the lens!) Add some glue and press and hold until a bond is formed.


Voila it’s really THAT simple!




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DIY QUICKIE: Bunny Ear Bobby Pins

So I saw these cute bunny ear Bobby pins once and haven’t been able to find them since! To be honest I’m really not a big fan of the whole animal ear trend. Even though I find it super cute I guess I find I already look young enough without the help of any accessories. Lol Yet these Bobby pins have been on my mindddd so I finally decided to DIY them. Maybe I’ll figure out how to rock them that doesn’t make me look 12 *fingers crossed* 🙂

Bobby pins (silver or gold ones would be preferable)
Silver or gold wire (20 gauge or thicker)
Silver or gold wire (24 gauge or thinner)
Wire cutters
Hot glue gun

Let’s get started!


1. Cut a piece of wire (it should be in a circle from how it’s been wrapped)
2. A quarter of the way around the circle make a bend to create your first ear. Repeat.
3. Wrap the thinner wire to secure the ears.


4. Do any final shaping or adjustments
5. Hot glue gun your ears to the Bobby pin.
6. Take the thinner wire and secure further (and conceal the glue) by wrapping it around the ears and Bobby pins.
7. Optional. If your Bobby pins are black, spray paint them to match the color of your wire.


DIY Quickie: Large Boho Hoop Earrings

Back with a quick DIY!
A fun way to transform any pair of boring hoops ( although don’t get me wrong! *side eye* I love a pair of large hoops. Like some girls staple earrings are studs, mine are big BOW-CHICKA-WOW WOW silver hoops 🙂 )

You can make your hoops with 20 gauge wire or you can use an old ( or new) pair!

20 gauge wire (optional)
Wire cutters and round nose pliers (optional)
Hoop earrings
Colorful string | waxed cotton cord |suede cord etc

Happy Saturday and Happy DIY’ing!




DIY: Fanny Pack

Fanny Packs!



I’ve been on the hunt for a cute fanny pack for weeeeeks now. I get so tired of running in and out of stores while running errands and having to reach for my purse every five minutes (even though it’s on the seat next to me *side eye* lol) It’s one less action I can just do without!  Sadly there just aren’t a lot of options out there in the fanny pack department and I just haven’t found one that was worth the money! Sooo on one of my many thrifting adventures I found a couple plain fanny packs that I figured I could embellish and make cute to satiate my desire and my wallet 🙂 


DIY: Cell Phone Purse

Hi Guys!

I’m back with another DIY 🙂

I recently got this cute iPhone case…

It’s definitely been so handy and being a girl that likes to wear skirts and dresses I just don’t always have pockets. lol which makes the question of where to stick my cell phone a constant conversation with myself.

I wanted an alternative for those times where I decide to change my case or don’t plan on rocking a case at all! So I came up with this super easy and super functional DIY that you can customize anyyy way you want! 🙂



DIY: Lace Trim Crop Top

Hi guys!

Here is another quick and easy DIY. 🙂

I’m trying something a little different, I filmed this DIY instead of taking pictures.
Hopefully it’s just as easy to follow along with!


I was inspired by a lace trim cami I saw while browsing internet retail. lol
I was aimlessly searching for nothing in particular when I came across the cami and in true me fashion I didn’t stop and pay it any real attention until later when I an idea randomly popped up in my mind for how I wanted to rock it. By then I couldn’t for the life of me remember what site I was on so I could go back and buy it.  So in true me fashion 🙂 I decided to just DIY it!


Lace is everywhere right now so grab some inspiration and try this DIY or one of your own! 🙂

DIY: Bucket Bag / Bullet Bag


 DIY time!

IMG_7513 IMG_7544


Sewing machine
Waxed cotton cord
Colorful string
Round plastic lids
Straight Pins


IMG_7521 IMG_7523

Start off by measuring how big you want the base of your bag to be. I had some various lids in different sizes lying around so I used one of those



Once you have it cut out measure down the middle of your circle. Mine was 8.5”. Take whatever your number is and multiply it by 3.14. That is the length you want to cut the fabric for the body of your bag.


Sew the length of fabric for your bag up the side as well as along the top to create a finished edge. Along the top create several slits ½ an inch long , 1-2 inches apart. Sew along each side of the slit to keep the fabric from fraying. This step is optional only if you have fabric that may fray or pull apart. (For example jean or leather you wouldn’t need to sew. )

IMG_7533 IMG_7540

Pin the two pieces together ( right sides facing)  leaving a ¼ inch seam allowance. Sew them together. Turn it right side out.


With your extra fabric create a shoulder strap and a closing tie. Fold the fabric over three times to your desired width for each and iron it to create crisp edges. Sew it up to keep it secure. ( I Sewed mine before i cut it away from the bigger piece of fabric to make handling easier.)

IMG_7547 IMG_7548 IMG_7554

For your closing tie you can create tassels. Begin wrapping the colorful string around two of your fingers until you have the desired thickness of your tassel. Slip it off and slid a pen in one end. Wrap the thread tightly around the bundle directly beneath the pen. Cut the opposite end of your loop. Use one piece of string to tie off the wrap.

IMG_7556 IMG_7558 IMG_7557 IMG_7559

Slid some string through the top loop of your tassel and tie it off. Sew it to the ends of your closing tie once you have threaded it through your bag.

IMG_7563 IMG_7564 IMG_7566

To disguise the difference between the two take your waxed leather cord and place one end against the tie a good ways up. Lay some E6000 down so that your cord will adhere and not move. Begin wrapping the wax cord up the length. Glue the end down. Clip in place with a paper clip or any small clip you have until it dries.


Sew your shoulder strap on to the inside of your bag and you’re done!


Here is another version I made.


I made the jean bucket bag following the same instructions as above. Go HERE for instructions on cutting the sheet metal and drilling the holes.

Additional Materials:

Sheet Metal
Short Screws
Power Drill
Glass Decorative Gems


Once you have cut your sheet metal to the desired height and width (Based on the measurements for your bucket bag)
Drill two holes at each end of the sheet metal. Secure them together with your screws.

IMG_7574 IMG_7575 IMG_7576

Using the E6000 glue the bucket bag to the inside of the sheet metal. (Clip in place until it dries.)


Glue your stones in the desired pattern using the E6000. It helps if you first place glue on the sheet metal and glue on the stone. Allow both to dry separately for 30 seconds before pacing the stone. This makes the glue tacky and will prevent the stones from sliding off. You can also use some clear tape to secure each stone until it is 100% dry.

& That’s, That!

DIY: Lace-Up Denim!

So after being lazy for the 4th of July and relaxing all weekend its back to work! I really did much of nothing besides eat and enjoy family time but that’s always enough. 🙂

 In random news, I’ve also found myself hooked on Glee. I know I’m late to that bandwagon lol but it’s really a fun show, one I never thought I would actually be into
. So I’m constantly finding I’m having to tear myself away from Netflix long enough to do something constructive. Lol

 Soooo about that DIY * side eye *

 The challenge with dressing for the desert climate is you really want to wear as little as possible! So clothes that are lightweight, that breath and have some stretch are always nice. Yet denim shorts are a summertime staple and its harddddd to steer away from incorporating them into your everyday look. I prefer baggier shorts over the super short fitted version. I mean lets face it nobody wants thick denim hugging their goodies in 105 degrees! Lol Not sexy. So on that note I found myself inspired by Jeremy Scotts Fall 2014 collection.


These super cute late up pants are hot! With a little twist i.e. loose denim shorts they are perfectly boho and desert weather approved! 🙂

Starting today you can now click through the links on the materials list to purchase what I have listed for this project!  * I will be updating previous DIY’s

I recently became an influencer for (Check out my profile) a really cool service that offers a monthly DIY subscription much like the beauty boxes that are popular. They also have a great selection of tools and materials to create a wide array of projects! Sometimes I will list multiples of a product to give you a range in selection based on price, size or color. 🙂 

Materiels List:


Scissors or Scissors

Grommets or Grommets

Waxed Coated Cotton Cord




Cut the Jeans off to your desired short length.Then cut vertically into the jeans to a point that you feel comfortable with. Avoid cutting past the inner pockets. You don’t want white fabric sticking out. 🙂


Fold the denim in to create a finished edge. (Iron it if you wish to keep it in place)


Your pack of grommets should come with the tool you need to close the grommets. As well as instructions on how to set your grommets.


Cut your self a small hole, just big enough to fit the grommet through. Holes that are too big will result in your grommets eventually falling out! Yikes!

Make sure to place your grommet through the hole from the right side of the garment. (Unlike my demo here *oopss* do the opposite of what the picture illustrates)


Place the setting tool on the open end and hammer until the edges have been turned over and laid flat.

IMG_7338 IMG_7340

Make sure your go through both layers of denim to ensure the folded edge stays down.


You can place as many or as few grommets as you want. It’s up to you.


Lace them up and you’re good to go!


I ultimately cut off the access cord and double knotted it close to the last grommet for a more finished look.



Try this on full length denim, leather or even leggings! The possibilities are endless.
A little inspiration 🙂
lace-up1. Isabel Marant 2. Diesel 3. Free People 4. Zigi Soho 5. Jeremy Scott