Sisterhood of the Traveling...

Sisterhood of the Traveling… Prada Inspired Pleated Skirt Pt. 2!

So the second installment of the Sisterhood of the Traveling… is here! It’s another pleated skirt, since they are so popular and me and my mom were able to score this one and the previous one at the same time for such a great deal we couldn’t resist styling them both! I wanted to do a twist on the usual styling of the pleated skirt and go more ethnic! Since in my mind I don’t really equate pleats with the whole global bazaar/ethnic trend I thought it would make for a fun contrast! Plus I have been wanting to try a turban so bad that I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. After a couple of suggestions from my grandma about different ways to tie them, I settled on this one! Hope you enjoy!

•Top – Ellen Fisher  •Skirt – Thrifted  •Shoes – Wild Rose  •Jewelry – Random  •Turban – African fabric courtesy of my Grandmother!

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Don’t forget that this is a two for one! Go check out my mom’s styling interpretation of this lovely skirt!

P.S This feature is being moved to Tuesdays! So check back July 19th for our next great find!

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