Sisterhood of the Traveling...

Sisterhood of the Traveling…Versace Inspired Pleated Skirt pt. 1!

Welcome to the first installment of my new bi-weekly feature,“Sisterhood of the Traveling…!” So here is a quick break down (it’s actually really simple!) every other week we will pick an item, which we will both style OUR way, showing how trends and classic pieces can be worn at any age! Hopefully we will provide inspiration on thinking outside of the box and show you guys different ways to wear the same pieces! I’m so excited about this because it is the first  joint venture between me and my fabulous mom, Robyn, over at Boluxe.

So lets get started…

Our first item is this awesome, thrifted, pleated skirt! The pattern is inspired by Vintage Versace who’s collection in the 80’s was richly adorned with leopard prints, chains, baroque patterns and much more!

I choose to give things a little twist and wear the skirt as a dress! I paired it with this black tailored vest from Urban Outfitters and my lace up Bebe Booties along with some gold chain, pearl and rhinestone jewelry && the look was complete!

WAIT! Theres more…be sure to check out my Mom’s rendition of this lovely skirt!

Tell me, What do you guys think!?

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0 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the Traveling…Versace Inspired Pleated Skirt pt. 1!

  1. i absolutely love this look… wearing the skirt as a belted dress is brilliant and fabulous, and toughening it up with those killer heels and the vest looks amazing. i love that you and your mom are doing this feature, such a cool way to show how versatile pieces can be on people with two different styles. following you now, thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog. hope you’ll visit again <3shelby

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