Winter Coat Trends 2012

With winter fast approaching the selection of suitable coats is sky rocketing! There are so many options it can be hard and overwhelming finding one that fits your needs and style. It’s so easy to hit the store and buy the first thing you see and like but after some digging around in your closet […]

DIY: Beaded Jean Cuff!

It’s DIY time! This DIY is great for sprucing up an old pair of jeans or to just add some bling to your favorite pair! You can add studs or use colored beads or thread to add some extra edge! Don’t forget you can try this out on the cuff of a jean jacket or […]

DIY: Zara leather sleeved T-shirt!

This t-shirt is a great fall basic with a little edge from Zara! I couldn’t help but whip up a quick DIY with some extra leather I had laying around the house and a basic t-shirt!    

DIY Skinny jeans!

Just recently as I was cleaning out my closet I ran across a few pairs of jeans that I simply don’t wear that often. The biggest reason was the cut of the jean. The silhouette of a pair of pants can change the whole feel of an outfit. In light of this I decided to […]

Fashion & the City

{jacket|h&m} {tee|jclu – gifted by my best friend Asha!}{jeans|thrifted&diy’d}{shoes|forever 21}{belt|thrifted} photographer – Asha Taylor The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself and if you can find someone to love the you, you love, well, that’s just fabulous – Sex and the City

Snow Leopard

jacket. diy shirt. diy pants. thrifted shoes. aldo bracelets. my moms ūüôā¬† envy is ignorance, imitation is suicide – r.w emerson

*DIY {Leather Sleeve Denim Jacket}

Just a¬†quick¬†diy!! I have been searching for one of these jackets for ¬†a while! With each one I found,¬†something¬†just wasn’t right, it was either the price, fit¬†or look. ¬†I finally decided, I can do this myself! I thrifted a denim & leather jacket and got to work. ūüôā materials: seam ripper paper clips thread sewing […]

Featured in!!!

I was so excited today to find out that, the fab New York edition of,( here ) featured my studded loafer DIY!  Please be sure to check out both! && thanks to  Cynthia Francillon for the lovely feature!

DIY Studded Leopard Loafers!

So I have been lusting after a pair of studded leopard loafers ever since the Christian Louboutin ones debuted a few seasons ago! I stumbled upon a pair of Talbot’s loafers, with a leopard insert, ¬†at my local thrift store several months ago with the idea in mind to stud them. For $4 it was […]

Studded Denim Shorts DIY!

Hi Ladies! It’s a rainy day here so what better way to spend it than customizing a pair of cut offs?! So here is a quick DIY! Materials: – Studs of Various Sizes – Seam Ripper – Denim Shorts Lets get started!¬†Adding the studs is easy! You simply push them into the fabric and fold […]