*DIY {Leather Sleeve Denim Jacket}

Just a quick diy!! I have been searching for one of these jackets for  a while! With each one I found, something just wasn’t right, it was either the price, fit or look.  I finally decided, I can do this myself! I thrifted a denim & leather jacket and got to work. 🙂 materials: seam ripper paper clips thread sewing […]

Bleached out + Floral = Effortless Saturday!

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” This outfit is just something random that I threw together. Thats the thing about getting dressed, sometimes it comes easy and sometimes I don’t know what to wear! This is one of those times wear I just pulled out […]

Have you tried color blocking?

< So here is my very FIRST attempt at color blocking! In my recent vintage/thrift store trips I have been looking for any and everything color block related. The great thing about color blocking is that it can be done with any palette of colors. Everything from neutrals and black&white, to heavily saturated colors. I […]