10 items every flight attendant has in her bag!

Have you ever seen us strutting (sometimes struggling lol) through the airport with our luggage neatly in tow. Our flight bag connected to our rollaboard and our purses (or lunch boxes) stacked on top?

Yes? Well have you ever wondered what we carry in all that luggage? I must admit sometimes I feel like Mary Poppins with her bottomless bags of tricks.

The things we manage to stuff in our bags is mind boggling but all of it would be nothing with out these ten essential items!


Yes we may look cute in the airport with our high heels on but as soon as we hit the plane we kick them off and opt for something much more comfy and a lot less stylish!


As much as we know you guys love airplane snacks…. we don’t. Lol yes they may be yummy but most likely when we first started the job we ate them ALL the time. Now we are just over it.


We touch a LOT of gross stuff. Being a flight attendant is ranked as one of the dirtiest jobs! So hand sanitizer and wet wipes are our best friends.


Every company calls it something different but when it comes down to it, it’s all the same. It’s the book that has all of our company rules and regulations, safety instructions and so on and so forth.

5. PEN

Them drink orders don’t write themselves honey!


For those stinky lavs. Yes….We have to use them too! No… we aren’t immune to the smell.


For the occasional broken nail, paper cut or leg gash from the galley cart! This job is tough on our body parts and while we do have a FAK on board the aircraft, opening it means paperwork! Filling out reports about who, what and why! No thanks 🙂


The health conscious flight attendant will have vitamins, emergen-C or sinus relief meds on hand. With all the flying to different climates, coming in contact with hundreds of people daily and spending upwards of 12 hours a day in a flying metal tube. It’s easy to get sick quickly. I like to stay fortified with vitamin C and a good multi vitamin. Cause our sick days are limited and if I’m going to stay grounded I don’t want to do it because of a cold 😉


A long flight can get boring and no we can’t watch the inflight entertainment along with you! Lol So a book, a word game or a journal helps pass the time at 30,000 feet.


Not only is this a required item you never know when you might finish a trip and seats are wide open to Bali or Paris or any other picturesque place on your bucket list of destinations!

We never know where life will takes us but we are always prepared 🙂

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