D.I.Y – Inspired by Aldo sandals

So not too long ago I was in Aldo looking to buy a pair of nice nude colored pumps when I stumbled upon these SUPER cute LAMPE sandals from Aldo’s Global Bazaar collection:

Of course as a true shopaholic, I immediately started picturing outfits in my head and then I was convinced that I had to have them. At $60 the price wasn’t TOO bad but there are other things that $60 could go towards, so the thought popped into my head to do a DIY!

It’s really quite simple, I went and bought chain, feathers (brown and multicolored), lobster claw closures and clamshell hooks. It all and all came to $15. A wayyy better bargain!

I started by wrapping the chain around my ankle to get a general measurement, I wanted to chain to fit like an anklet bracelet. When i was satisfied with the length, I snipped it and opened the last link on the chain and attached my lobster claw closure.

I then began inserting the ends of the feathers into the clam shell hook, once enough of the feather was through I clamped the clam shell closed and voila I had my feather pendants.

Once all of my feathers were prepared I hooked them onto the chain and pinched the hook.

The end product is one that can be interchanged with ANY sandal and is much more versatile. It could also be worn as a bracelet or an earring by simply slipping a stud through the chain.

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