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DIY: Balenciaga Inspired Belt Fall 2014 Runway


The minute I saw this belt I knew right away it would be an awesome DIY.
It’s such an amazing statement piece, both refined and boho, I loved everything about it.

img_6603 copy


Aluminum Sheet Metal
Black Cord
Power Drill
Drill Bits in Various Sizes
Plain White Paper
Goo Gone
Wire Cutters
Piece of 4×4 wood
Heavy Duty Nail File or Sand Paper


Start by creating your stencil. The inspiration belt overlaps in the back the piece of Aluminum I bought wasn’t long enough to overlap so I will be finishing mine off a little different. I purchased my mill-finish aluminum sheet metal from home depot. They have a variety of sizes and weights. I picked up the lightest weight piece they had. It’s 12 in x 24 in x 0.019 in (about $10) it’s light weight but strong, easy to cut with scissors and mold by hand. They also have a 36 in x 36 in piece that would be more suitable for overlapping the ends of the belt.


I decided to round the ends of my belt off so I cut my stencil accordingly.

IMG_6394 IMG_6401

Tape the stencil down and trace your stencil with the marker.

IMG_6414 IMG_6406 IMG_6415 IMG_6419

Using your scissors cut your belt out. You don’t need your sharpest pair of scissors for this. The ones I used barely cut fabric but were perfect for the sheet metal. PLEASE be careful at this stage, wear gloves if you like to avoid grazing yourself on any sharp edges. As you cut gently bend each piece away from each other to give your hand ample room to manipulate the scissors.


Take your sandpaper or nail file and smooth out the edges, filing away any imperfections from the scissors. You don’t have to worry about making it 100% smooth since the edges will be covered in the end.


Take your ruler and mark every 1/2 in around the perimeter of the belt. These will serve as the guide for your drill holes.


Choose the drill bit that will give you an adequate hole for the cord you choose.


Place your metal on the 4×4 and drill your holes. Don’t forget protective wear gear! 🙂


Once all your holes are drilled cut any access metal bits from around the opening with your wire cutters. Anything you can’t cut simply burnish, by using the flat side of your cutters and pressing the sharps parts flat.


Using your goo gone and a napkin or cloth rub away any black marker that was left behind.

For my cord I picked up some thick cotton cord from Jo-Anns. It looks as if it’s wax coated which I like because it gives it s nice sheen and extra strength. It was 8 yards for $1.99 which was plenty! You can use suede or braided cord as well, it’s your preference. Thread one end of cord through your first hole and knot it off.


Bring your cord through the next hole from the front. Pull it all the way through until its taut.

IMG_6475 IMG_6476

Bring the end back over to the front of the belt and under the cord. pulling taut.

IMG_6477 IMG_6478

Pull up so that the cord rotates and covers the edge of the belt. Now bring the end of your cord through the next hole from the front of the belt. Repeating this process all the way until the you reach your last hole.


Undue your initial knot and tie the two ends together creating one knot.

IMG_6564 IMG_6572

Now, to close your belt you will need to make two additional drill holes. These will need to be large enough to accommodate your grommets. Insert your grommets and close them.


Gently mold your belt into a round shape. Go slowly so you don’t over bend it. Using the extra cord cut what you have in half so you have two pieces. Create a loop and thread it through



Pull the free ends through the loop and pull taut and you’re done!



Wear it to the front or back! 🙂

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