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DIY: Fringe Clutch

Lately I’ve been feeling anything and everything bohemian!

Maybe its my recent move to the desert or just the summer vibe but all things silky, flowy, lace, suede, fringe, patterned etc etc (lol) has been on my radar.

To me the key to nailing the bohemian look and feel is in the accessories. As with any look the details matter and they can and will make or break the outfit.

Flipping through the latest fashion mags I noticed fringe bags are everywhere so with some inspiration from Valentino I decided to try my hand at a DIY. 🙂


left to right: Stella Mccartney, Valentino, ASOS, H&M, Valentino, Gucci


leather of your color preference a straight edge ruler straight blade or scissors a tool to punch holes screw and post closure (can be purchased from Michaels) optionally a handle of some sort (maybe from an old handbag/bracelet/belt buckle)




Begin by cutting your leather into two rectangles, the dimensions are up to you. I left my edges raw because this piece of leather is exceptionally thick but if you’re working with something thinner you can fold your edges and run a stitch.


Mark the back of your leather on three sides for holes half an inch apart.



Using  your leather punch begin punching your holes.



Take the remainder of your leather and begin cutting the strips the length you want your fringe.




Weave your fringe through each hole, tying each piece twice to secure.


You can finish your clutch here and add the post and screw or you can add the handle.You can use a number of items for your handle. I choose a belt buckle because there is already a convenient flat side that will make attaching it to the clutch easier. You can also use a bangle, a handle from an old handbag etc.


To add the handle, cut the corner of your bag at an angle. Add additional holes.


Knot one end of your leather strip and weave it through the hole making sure to wrap and weave it around the handle secure the other end with a knot or a touch of glue.


To add the post and screw. Make a small hole for the screw and a larger hole for the post to secure through.



And your done!

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