DIY Leather Harness Inspired by Taylor Tomasi Hill

A couple of months ago I ran across this awesome image of Taylor Tomasi Hill, Style & Accessories Director for US Marie Claire, via the street fashion blog, Street Tonic!

I instantly fell in love with her harness, it’s so unique and chic, I tried searching for it online or even something similar but I had absolutely NO luck! A couple of days ago in a moment of pure randomness an idea hit me out of nowhere! I could make something similar using a leather skirt or jacket! So I set out in search of just that! I ended up finding this New York and Company skirt at a cute little church thrift store and I began my attempt at this coveted harness! [I turned the skirt upside down. Since there was already a nice thick waist band I choose to use that as the bottom hem for my harness. Lay a tank top, with thick straps, on top of the skirt. It is best to use one that doesn’t stretch but fits close, considering the leather wont have any give] [With a light colored pencil or crayon, trace along the outside of your tank top giving yourself a 1/4 inch or more of extra fabric. Cut out the shape. Do this for the front and the back][Sew the two sides together and on the back half draw a oval that extends from side to side. Once again draw the oval a 1/4 inch or more, smaller then you intend so that you have extra fabric to hem. Cut out your shape.] [Cut out a “U” shape for the straps and an opening in the back. You can use your tank top for this or eyeball it. (I eyeballed it, since this will be worn over other clothing, you don’t have to worry about reveling too much if it is cut too low) On the front of the garment, I used a bra to trace my desired shape and cut it out.] [I hot glued the bra inside of the fabric so that it would give the harness a molded shape. Last but not least I added black pyramid studs to give it a little extra flare!]

**Im still contemplating adding a opening in the front but I’m not sure yet! Hope you enjoy this! If you have any questions or if anything wasn’t clear leave your inquires in the comments!

•Top – Random Jimi Hendrix T-Shirt (Reconstructed) •Harness – DIY •Skirt – Thrifted •Shoes – Zigi Soho •Jewelry – Boluxe, David Yurman, Forever 21 •Shades – Forever 21

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