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DIY: Painters Jeans!

It’s hot as sin here in the desert! 105 degrees
every. single. day. (insert groans of agony) & it wont be letting up anytime soon.
The only way to pass the days and keep a smidge of sanity is to stay indoors as much as possible. (lol)

 This definitely keeps my creative juices flowing, seeing as though I have nothing but time to experiment, and mess up and try again, until I’ve figured out my next DIY. 🙂

 This one is fairly simple. Playing around in paint and glue and glitter, and all things not clothing friendly, you either struggle to keep clean or let go and get down right dirtaaayyy.


 I usually opt for the latter and was inspired to DIY “painters jeans.” After that first drop of paint hits your denim it’s pretty much A WRAP and from there your jeans become your work rag! I wanted something a little more “glam” and that I could confidently wear out the house (when normal temps return) so I went to town on these high waist baggy Gap Jeans! Enjoy 🙂

IMG_7111 IMG_7109


Fabric Glue

Paint Brushes


 **Just a little tip. For clothing , Acrylic is not your paint of choice, you run the risk of it cracking or flaking and generally you wont want to wash them because it might come off. Plus it can make your denim pretty stiff.

IMG_7112 IMG_7113 IMG_7114

If you have these cute little applicator bottles you can apply your paint right to the jeans in a, not so perfect pattern, and then use your paint brush to smooth it out.

IMG_7120 IMG_7121 IMG_7122 IMG_7123

You can also allow a small amount of paint bead up on the tip and then dab it in random places to create the effect of paint “splatter.”


Try not to think too much about placement just paint until it feels right, keeping it random!


Instead of wiping your brushes off on a towel or cleaning it in water, first rub any access off on the seams of your jeans or in random places. It gives a nice touch and authentic feel.

IMG_7124 IMG_7125 IMG_7126

Try crunching your jeans up in random places and painting over the folds. It ensures a certain randomness and keeps too large of any area from being covered at once.

IMG_7128 IMG_7129 IMG_7131

Also try dipping your paintbrush in your paint, covering it nicely, and then swirling it around in your cup of water. When you go to paint on your jeans it will give it a nice watered down/washed out look.


Variety in application is key to keeping your jeans from looking too perfect. Try a selection of techniques, using a sponge, wiping the paint on with a rag, adding bleach spots or rips! Customize them to fit you. 🙂

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