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DIY Skinny jeans!

Just recently as I was cleaning out my closet I ran across a few pairs of jeans that I simply don’t wear that often. The biggest reason was the cut of the jean. The silhouette of a pair of pants can change the whole feel of an outfit. In light of this I decided to do something about it, the jeans were the right wash and all fit well in the behind (which for me is a HUGE selling point for a pair of pants, nothing worse then flattened cakes! lol.) So I whipped out my sewing machine and did a quick DIY! Hope this is helpful 🙂


&& that is it, you’ll cut the access fabric and you have a new pair of skinny jeans 🙂 Happy monday!

One thought on “DIY Skinny jeans!

  1. I’m not proficient in sewing machine use, but I think its brilliant how you set this out for people to follow. Bravo! I read your blog and have been sending it to people.

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