DIY Studded Leopard Loafers!

So I have been lusting after a pair of studded leopard loafers ever since the Christian Louboutin ones debuted a few seasons ago! I stumbled upon a pair of Talbot’s loafers, with a leopard insert,  at my local thrift store several months ago with the idea in mind to stud them. For $4 it was worth it to experiment and now that I know what I’m doing I’m considering purchasing the Steve Madden Leopard Loafers ( which closer resemble the CL ones in shape and style) for a little DIY action!

I purchased my spikes from studsandspikes.com. I really wanted a dramatic effect with these loafers!

1. With a xacto knife. Cut a tiny slit.
Then cut a intersecting slit to make a small “x”

2. From the underside push the screw from the spike up
through your “x” slit

3. Twist the spike onto the screw and viola! One down, a bunch more to go!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you have any questions drop them in the comment box! 😉 Happy Wednesday!

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