Fashiontoast + DANNIJO Siamese Ring – DIY

I first ran across this ring on the lovely Miss Sandra’s blog, 5 inch and Up. I immediately thought it was super cute, and seeing as though lately I have been into anything with tiny chain details I just knew that I had to have it some way! When I clicked over to the website for the ring I was pleasantly surprised to find that the ring is an exclusive design collaboration between Fashion Toast and DANNIJO! How cool is that! So I set out on a DIY mission to see if I could replicate this stunning ring, at least until I can add the original to my own collection!

– Rings
– Chain
– Jump rings
– Wire cutters (If Needed)
– Needle Nose Pliars

I originally went in search of rings with hooks at my local jewelry supply store, but came up empty handed. Later that day on a quick run to the mall I came across these rings from Forever 21. I honestly couldn’t believe my luck. With a little tweaking these rings are perfect for this DIY.

A quick snip of the heart charms, with a pair of wire cutters, left me with the perfect base for my ring.

I added a jump ring to each ring and attached my thin chain, leaving a little extra slack for the chain to slightly dangle.

I’m extremely happy with the end result and can’t wait to incorporate the ring into my daily styling.

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