Optical Illusions

I thrifted this top a while ago, I loved the over size t-shirt vibe of it and the fact that it is silk gives it that luxurious feeling. I found it very reminiscent of something Versace would do with the gold gilded details , so when I spotted some of the Men’s wear in the new Versace for H&M line with that really cool black and white hypnotic kaleidoscope pattern, it just sorta connected all of the dots for me.

I’m also really excited about these leather shorts. It’s was so hard to find a pair that weren’t too short and too tight! I love the perforated detailing on the sides (which admittedly is hard to see with these pictures.) I feel so authentic in them though, like a true rocker/biker chic. 🙂

top. thrifted
shorts. harley davidson 
shoes. charlotte russe 

“&& after the love games have been played
All our illusions were just a parade
And all the reasons start to fade

&&, in the morning when I rise,
No longer feeling hypnotized
For no reasons, our reasons, our reasons
Have no pride” – earth, wind && fire.” 

(just a little throwback joint 😉 )

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