Paris Shopping Guide – The best from Luxury to Thrifting!

Paris may be known as the city of love but it is also the city of fashion! Every year major cities around the world host a fashion week and Paris fashion week is probably by far the most renowned. Many major luxury fashion houses were founded in Paris so naturally Paris is the epicenter of the world for fashion, trends and shopping!

On my recent holiday to Paris I did a little shopping and found some amazing deals ranging from Luxury to Thrifted. It would be hard and nearly impossible to list every shop worth visiting while in Paris but Here is my condensed (still pretty long lol) guide to shopping in Paris:

Shopping Districts

Saint Germain 

A great location in Paris for a lot of shopping from high street to luxury boutiques is the Saint Germain area in the 6th Arrondissement. Along the stretch of streets where Boulevard Saint Germain and Boulevard Raspail meet there is a TON of shopping. From the Karl Lagerfield Store, Etro, Versus by Versace to Zara, Monoprix and Lacoste. Your options for fashion are endless. One of the legendary Parisian department stores, Le Bon Marché, is also located in this area. We happened to be staying in an Air BnB in Saint Germain, so all of this great shopping was within walking distance to us!

Le Marais 

An eclectic and diverse district for lots of thrift shopping as well as high end luxury boutiques and specialty shops. Home to a vibrant gay community and arts scene this district will transport you to a different facet of Paris. Home to the famous Centre Pompidou a bustling cultural center, Marais is the epicenter of individuality and unique shopping options. 


Perhaps one of the most well known streets in Paris, the Champs-Élysées is home to the Arc De Triumph at one end and the Place de La Concorde at the other. Here you will find lots of tourist shops, popular clothing stores, such as Nike and Ambercombie & Fitch, to luxury brands such as Chanel and Balenciaga. You also have an abundance of indoor shopping centers known as “Arcades.” The Champs-Élysées has something for everyone including some of the most beautiful must see sites in Paris. 



Louis Vuitton

(Watch my review on the Pochette Felicie and Bandouliere XL Strap HERE)

One of my most stop shops during my holiday was the Louis Vuitton Store. 

There are many great luxury brands to shop in Paris and perhaps one of the most iconic of them all is Louis Vuitton. By far you will find the best deals on Louis Vuitton in Paris over any other city in the world. There are several stores around Paris and even “boutique” like shops in the big department stores like Le Bon Marché (which we will get to later.) So your options for a shopping experience are endless. 

I visited the store on 170 Boulevard Place Saint-Germain Des Pres in the Saint Germain District of the 6th Arrondissement. It is a decent sized store but still not the largest in Paris! Definitely be sure to go early, they only allow a certain number of people into the store at one time. Which from my observation seemed to only be one customer for every sales associate ( which was about ten at this particular location)  plus maybe a few extra that can come in a browse while waiting to be helped. This is a limited number, once they reach capacity they lock the doors and start a line outside the door to get in. 

Also have a few styles of bags or wallets in mind, some very popular styles may be sold out. This happened to me with the Pochette Metis, they did not have it in the classic monogram in any of their stores in Paris! 

The biggest benefit to shopping Louis Vuitton in Paris is they are so much cheaper! Let me break it down for you, I bought the Pochette Felicie.

In Paris it is 700€ which is roughly ($798 US, depending on the exchange rate at the time of purchase. I got mine at an exchange of $1.14 US for every 1 Euro.) 

Here in the states the same bag is $1030 BEFORE TAXES! That alone is a $232 savings. 

I also bought the Louis Vuitton Bandouliere XL Purse Strap. Which was 370€ which is roughly $421.80. That same strap here in the states is $540 before taxes!

BUT it gets better, in Europe any country that is a part of the European Union (EU) has taxes included in the price of the goods. So at 700€ the Pochette Felicie already has the taxes (called VAT) accounted for in the price. As a visitor from the USA to any country in the EU you are eligible for a VAT refund on any single purchase OVER $178, upon departure from that country. Leaving from France I got a 12% ($146) refund on my Louis Vuitton Purchase. 


Needless to say I was a very happy camper. I would have paid $1705.02 for both items including taxes here in Arizona. By buying my Louis Vuitton items in Paris I only paid $1073.42! Which is a $631.60 savings, I could buy a whole additional Louis Vuitton item with my savings! Definitely beyond worth it. 


(Watch my review on the Constance H Belt Here *Coming Soon*)

While in Paris Hermès was on my moms list of must stop shops. Another iconic french brand Hermès is known for their legendary “H” buckle belts and more recently Hermès has taken the blogger/influencer world over with their one of a kind bags. We visited the store at 17 Rue de Sevres, also still in the Saint Germain District. This location was not far from the Louis Vuitton store and only took us about a 10 minute walk to get there. The store is absolutely huge, it has two levels with the addition of a cafe on the top level. The design elements in the store are very unique and draw your eye through the space.

At Hermès its pretty much the same deal on the items being cheaper than here in the states. My mom wanted the Constance Hermès Belt. She got her belt in the 38mm for 715€ which is $803.61 US. After her VAT refund of $96.43 she only paid $707.17 for her belt opposed to $1064.28 here in Arizona after taxes. She saved $357.11! 


We visited the Gucci store (13 Rue des Archives) in the Le Marais district. I was on the hunt for a birthday gift for my brother. The most unique and noteworthy thing about this location is a lot of the high end stores on Rue Des Archives have ONLY mens clothing! This is unlike most stores that cater to women and have a small mens section. So you will be sure to find items for men in stock that you may usually only be able to find online. The prices on Gucci items are comparable to here in the states because Gucci is an Italian brand, so there are still import fees and taxes added to their prices. However you will still get your VAT refund on purchases over the eligible amount. 

Le Bon Marché


This legendary department store has every high end brand known to man plus so much more! Located in the Saint Germain District, it is the premiere shopping experience and the first ever modern department store. You can find everything from books and stationary to beauty and home goods. With an abundance of mens and most certainly women’s clothing and shoes you can find most everything you need here. Another Louis Vuitton location as well as Chanel, Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen and many more.

The cool and convenient thing about shopping at Le Bon Marché is you can acquire all of your items and receive your VAT (tax) refund immediately in cash at the Le Bon Marché Premiere Tax Free Lounge. Instead of the 12% you get 10.8% back which is still a great deal and you don’t have to wait until you get to the airport to submit your refund! Now you have your extra savings in hand to continue your shopping extravagances in Paris.


High Street 

So if you aren’t familiar with what High Street shopping is, this is simply affordable commercial/ retail chains! Think Zara, H&M, Topshop etc. There are an abundance of these kind of stores in Paris that carry items which are VERY different than what you would find in the same stores here in the states. You will also find high street brands that are unique only to Europe such as Monoprix, Bershka and Primark. 

You can find these stores in all three shopping districts I mentioned above. I found some great T-shirts and Bershka as well as some super trendy “leather” pants and T-shirts in zara! 



This store is humongous! It is over 6 levels of clothing, shoes, furniture, stationary, seasonal goods and housewares. The cool thing about department stores in Paris is they are set up a little different than here in the states. At BHV they have an open floor plan but each brand or shop has its own boutique like set up, designed and decorated differently. It lends to an air of individuality and makes you feel like you are shopping in various stores. Think more a mall with no walls concept, you cant take your purchases from one “boutique” and walk through the store and check out with all of your purchases at a different “boutique.” Which is very different than a Macy’s or Nordstrom shopping experience here in the states. 

I drooled over a vintage Christian Dior Belt at         , and at this cute boutique, Vintage Culture, I bought a stylish faux patent leather hat from a nice collection of vintage and curated items. 

When you are done shopping you can grab a coffee at the Starbucks on the top floor, food from the cafeteria or a drink on the rooftop bar! Like Le Bon Marché you can also get your tax refund same day, in the store!



(Watch my Paris Thrifting Haul Here *Coming Soon*)

Ok so I found some awesoommmmeee thrifting in Paris! Thrifting is by far one of my favorite things to do and about 80% of my wardrobe is thrifted. I’m not into super trendy fashion but every now and then there is a trend that captures me and I love to source pieces from the thrift store that give me the “look” on a budget.  

I found some of the best thrifting in the Le Marais District and I will warn you people arrive early to snatch up the best deals. We went on a Sunday and lines/groups of shoppers were forming before the stores even opened! Plus as a bonus when you are done this article you can head over to my youtube channel and watch my thrifting haul with all the great things I thrifted in Paris! 

Kilo Shop


There are only a few of these stores around the city but they are super unique in the fact that everything you buy is sold by the weight. They tag each item with a different color and the color corresponds with a price. For example red is 20 Euro a Kilo (KG), Green 30 Euro/KG , blue 40 Euro/KG and orange 60 Euro/KG. One kilo equals roughly two pounds. Alternatively different clothing categories can also have a price per KG. For example Jeans 15 Euro/KG, T-shirts 5 Euro/KG, Skirts 6 Euro/KG etc. 

The store on 69 Rue de la Verrerie had two parts. A smaller store with more vintage unique items and a larger, two level, store next door that had more basic and trendy pieces. Both stores were packed to the brim with items, it was a literal treasure trove of fashion!

Free “P” Star


Free “p” Star has three locations in Paris and it just so happens that one of them is located right next door (and across the street) to the Kilo Shop, at 52 & 61 Rue de la Verrerie. The main draw to this thrift store was there 1 Euro bins! If you are into “dirty stores” as my mom calls them and digging to find treasures this is defiantly your kind of thrifting experience. We found leather jackets, sweaters, jeans and tops in the euro bins, they even have shoes and handbags for 1 Euro. 

They are constantly refilling the bins from huge garbage bags full of donations. If digging isn’t your thing they also have racks of clothes (for more than a euro) that are hung up. Both stores are pretty jam packed with not a lot of room to maneuver so I would recommend not taking a big bag, purse or coat with you if possible. 

The most noteworthy item I snagged at Free “p” star was a vintage Saint Laurent Bolero style Vest! 

Vintage By Ramin

Up the street, still on Rue de la Verrerie, was another cute vintage shop. It was small but had lots of unique pieces. The prices were a bit higher than the other spots but I still snagged a cute throw back Nike sweatshirt and a shirt dress for 15 Euro both! They also had a narrow hall in the back with a wall of 3 Euro bins. Once again it required some digging and maneuvering in the tight space. 

Mad Vintage 

madvintage.fr/en/ ( they even have an eshop partnership with asos.com)

This is a cute chain of vintage stores in Paris. There were three or four locations right in the Le Marais area. They had a selection of men and women’s clothing, shoes and accessories. They def had the curated vintage store prices but they had some wow pieces that would be worth the coin. 

This is just a taste of the shopping you can do in Paris. I hope this guide gets you started and you stumble upon your own great finds and deals! Happy shopping 🙂

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