Sisterhood of the Traveling…Sheer Kimono

Hi everyone! Todays “Sisterhood” features this stylish sheer kimono designed by my moms friend Akiba. 🙂

Initially I wasn’t 100% sure how I wanted to style this considering the fact that a kimono isn’t a piece I feel neccesarily fits into my style. This is, what I consider, half the fun of the “Sisterhood” though, stepping out of comfort zones and making just about anything transform into what’s true to our individual styles.

I simply tied it over some shorts, giving the effect of a sheer skirt but with lots of volume and layers. I ultimately loved the result, light and airy enough to wear on a spring day while still adding visual interest to a look. 🙂 Happy Tuesday!

{top|designed by me}{kimono|akiba}{shorts|h&m}{shoes|wild rose}

lotus flower bomb, firefly
When I’m low, she take me high. – wale

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