Style Crush: Brooklyn Decker

For anyone who hasn’t seen Battleship, it’s full of action packed suspense, highlighted by hot guys and equally hot ladies!
If you didn’t already know, I’m a huge fan of Rihanna, her fearless style and her “kick a** take names later” attitude make her a rebel in the music and fashion worlds.  With that being said I was pleasantly surprised by her co-star Brooklyn Decker’s red carpet fashion statements. It’s hard to stand next to a knock out like Rihanna and hold your own, Brooklyn definitely brought it!

That skirt and those shoes! <3
(Peter Pilotto Spring 2012 collection)

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 I love that she was able to effortlessly switch from flirty and fun, to glamours and floor sweeping, to edgy and daring! Her chameleon fashion sense was further solidified by how she was able to translate these runway looks into believable and wearable fashion statements. && all the hot Louboutins didn’t hurt one bit!

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